Gymnastics is the perfect sport to teach skills for life, including independence, focus and self-discipline - skills that can assist with self-esteem, learning and physical development.

Gymnastics combines strength, flexibility, grace and discipline. Gymnastics is practiced by males and females on both competitive and recreational levels. The sport involves choreographed routines with acrobatic movements performed on apparatus and specially designed floors.

On a fundamental level, gymnastics improves your physical health and athletic discipline. Through consistent practice of the sport, you will build strength, improve flexibility, fine tune coordination, develop discipline and enhance your self-esteem.

Ulladulla Gymnastic Club has been teaching children these skills for 24 years. Many of our students have competed at State and National level or taken their gymnastic background to study Circus Art and subsequently further their education at NICA, the National Institute for Circus Arts.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

Drop Off Policy

Due to the large class sizes we need lots of room to allow our gymnasts to focus and concentrate. We ask parents and siblings to please leave the hall while classes are in progress. Please feel free to wait in the foyer and let your little ones run around under the covered area outside.
We remind parents that children are asked please not to climb on the equipment unless in a class and with their coach. We are a "safety first" club and want to keep all our families safe.
At the end of class we ask that parents come into the hall to collect their child(ren) as we don't allow them to walk out without an adult.

Thanks for your help and we look forward to a fun term of gymnastics!!

Entrance via St Vincent St

Ulladulla Gymnastics is operating in the new High School hall. Access is now available via St Vincent St. Parent are ask to leave there children during class.


Challenges the mind and body to reach new goals.

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Encourage children to experiment while learning the basics and safe, simple routines.

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Boys Gymnastics

Prepares the body for the challenges in life, enhancing co-ordination and agility.

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Helping Out

Helpers are very much appreciated at the end of the classes to assist the coaches with putting away the equipment.

Ulladulla Gymnastics Club is run by a dedicated committee of volunteers and there is always room for any parents who may like to lend a hand in the organising and running of the club.

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